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Welcome to Teach with Picture Books.

While some of you may have arrived here from my How to Teach a Novel blog, others may have arrived here from Teaching that Sticks, or through my many Squidoo sites such as Interactive Reading Sites, Interactive Math Sites, How to Teach a Novel, and, of course, Teaching with Picture Books.

The main purpose of this site is to help teachers, librarians, tutors, and homeschooling parents in grades 3-8 use picture books to enhance their instruction. If you'd like to know the reasons why you should be using picture books in your classroom, visit the sister site called Teaching with Picture Books Across the Middle Grades.

While Teach with Picture Books is not meant to serve as a review site, I frequently make picture book recommendations to teachers, homeschoolers, parents, and tutors interested in this approach, through both this website and the frequent workshops I present. If you would like me to consider your book for possible inclusion in future posts, please email me. Before you do, however, you should read my disclosure statement.

If you are a publisher of more general teaching resources, I would be happy to consider your submissions (sites, publications, services) for review at my other blog for educators called Teaching that Sticks.

Have a suggestion for a site, teaching resource, or publication on the use of novels? Email me! I'd also be happy to link to your related site.